About Us

Diversity Gains is a unique enterprise, integrating an in-depth insight into the opportunities and challenges of diversity, broad-based organisational development experience, and advanced levels of psychometric expertise to combine robust assessment with state of the art technology.

Led by Professor Raman Bedi, Foundational chair in Transcultural Oral Health (University of London) and Chair, NHS Specialist Library on ethnicity and health. Professor Bedi is also director of the Global Child Dental Fund, and Andrew Munro, Director of AM Azure Consulting, Diversity Gains operates around a core team with an extended network of associates.

Our philosophy:

  • recognising the paradigm shift to rethink the meaning and application of diversity, and move beyond cautious compliance or the fear of litigation to greater organisational boldness and courage
  • seeing cultural competence not as a tick in the box of a mandatory diversity awareness programme. Our focus is highlighting the processes through which individuals, teams and organisations extend the range of their capabilities to deal with the uncertainties and complexities of a diverse world
  • acknowledging that diversity has its risks and challenges, but also identifying the potential for greater productivity and creativity. Its management requires wisdom, character and confidence to create a culture that builds openness, trust and support

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